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Local Transport Service
Airport transfers from both the airports will be provided for the players / officials attending the tournament who are staying in the official hotels. You are required to kindly send us the travel details in the official form before 2 April 2019 for us to make arrangements.
·Transport from the official hotels to the venue will also be provided.
·Teams who choose not to stay in the official hotels (as listed above) or are unable to get rooms at the official hotel due to the late submission of their hotel request may have to arrange for their own transportation to the venue.


Pick-up Service at Nanning Wuxu International Airport



The Sudirman cup reception desk is located diagonally opposite the exits of the domestic arrival from 8:30 am to 23:00. And the shuttle bus departure is outside of the Gate 8.

About Visa Issuing

Please contact Chinese Embassy or Consulate-general in your country to confirm if you need a China Visa.

The organising committee is willing to send invitations to each delegate if the visa application (please see relevant attached appendix) is submitted before 28 February 2019.

Details for visa application include passport copy, applicant’s identity, position, full name, gender, date of birth, nationality, passport number, date of expiry, dates of arrival and departure and the city visa application documents should be sent to.

Regular China Visa Application information is available on

the following websites:

Citizens of countries WITHOUT diplomatic relations with China can apply for China Visa from trade offices of China in their country, or apply from neighbouring countries if there are no trade offices of China in the country.




Deadline: 2 April 2019

Member associations are advised to submit their players name list before the deadline. The accreditation deadline is earlier than the nomination of team deadline for administration reasons so please send your long list of players/team officials, taking into account any reserves.

Below number of complimentary accreditation passes for accompanying officials from association.

       1 to 12 players   ·2 complimentary accreditation passes

      13 to 16 players  ·3 complimentary accreditation passes

     17 to 20 players    ·5 complimentary accreditation passes

Note: If more officials are coming with the team, a limited number of additional ID passes may be purchased at a special rate of US $150.00 .

Medical Service

During the tournament, at stadium basic medical treatment and physiotherapy service will be available to all teams free of charge. Treatments received at hospital when required will be covered by athletes.



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