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The Mixc

Time:2019-01-28 22:05:27

The Mixc, located in the heart of ASEAN Business Area, is the biggest modern one-stop shopping center in Guangxi where you can have shopping, dining, and entertainment experiences all under one roof. You may find a number of well-known domestic restaurants here: Guixiaochu, Yushang, Hotiron, Highway Theme Bar, Wubu·liyue, Four Seas International House, Zheweinawei, Mai Chi Ling, Ganglong Stews, Spice World Hot Pot, Grandma’s Diet.

The Mixc brings together a large number of top brand stores at home and abroad to meet the shopping needs of customers, where you can taste the characteristics of food around.

The traffic to the Mxic is convenient, numbers of the bus can reach there, as bus No. 1, 6, 16, 42, 52, 72, 76, 79, 87, 90, 206, 213, 603, 609, 704 and 706.

It contains numbers of good resturants as 

Lingnan Jintang Chicken Soup
The decuration of the resturant is quite special with sapphire color and some of Mediteranean Style.
location: No. 136 on floor B1


Guiciaochu Resturant
 The decuration is with some ethnic charaacteristics.  Xiaodao Duck, Black Doufu are very special.
location:  on the 4th floor.


Roast food and Bar-B-Q named Xiyouji
Location: No. 654 on the 6th floor

French Style of Vietnamese Reaturant
Provide the traditional Veinamese food.
Location: No. S212 on Second Stage Stores


Coconut Chicken
Chicken with coconut soup
location: No. 449 on floor L4


Thai Resturant
Food with different color of Curry
location: No. 522 on the 5th floor


Taoyuanjuanchu Restuarant
Provide Youtiao (fried bread stick), glutinous rice roll, etc. 
Location: No. B150 on the floor of B1


Special Beef Shop
Provide verious kind of beed food
Location: No. 610-13 on the 6th floor


Fresh T Resturant
location: No. S206 of the Mixc


Western Food Resturant
location: on the 1st floor of Xinfuli in the Mixc



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