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Restaurants and Bars by Folk Song Lake

Time:2019-01-28 21:55:33

Folk Song Lake area, the core of entertainment in Nanning CBD, was built on the site of the former Nanning Folk Song Square. The design of architectures here integrates special minority elements. Thanks to the use of modern architectural technologies, tourists are able to see the combination of minority and contemporary arts in this area.

Minge lake is located in the southwest of Zhuxi Interchange of Minzu Avenue in Qingxiu district of Nanning. It is adjacent to Zhuxi Avenue in the east, a branch road of Jinpu in the south, Jinpu road in the west and Minzu Avenue in the north. It is one of the landmark projects of China water city in Nanning city.

Minge lake is a landmark project of Nanning  to build China's water city. It provides a new charming tourist area with tourism, leisure bar and cultural entertainment.


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